Extractions / Impactions

Extractions / Impactions

Extraction or impaction of a tooth at iDENT, is an almost painless removal of tooth or root of tooth from its bony attachments with minimal injuries to surrounding investing structures such that there will be zero post operative complications.

Most common indications for extraction of teeth are:

  • Grossly decayed teeth which cannot be saved by conservative procedures.
  • Teeth that are foci of infection.
  • Teeth with non-vital pulp, where root canal is not possible.
  • In case of severe periodontoclasia in which excessive bony support of the teeth is destroyed.
  • Teeth in line of radiation therapy.
  • Teeth mechanically interfering with placement of restorative appliances.
  • Impacted or unerupted teeth.
  • Supernumerary teeth.
  • Retained deciduous teeth.
  • Tooth with fractured roots.
  • Malposed teeth not amenable to Orthodontic treatment.
  • Roots and fragments.
  • Teeth traumatizing soft tissues.
  • Teeth associated with cysts and other pathologies.

Impaction is a situation, when a tooth fails to erupt in normal anatomical position either due to lack of space or due to obstruction from tooth, bone or soft tissue.

A 32 years old patient’s right lower impacted molar is visible on the xray. Our Oral surgeon removed the impacted wisdom tooth with minimal damage the surrounding tissues.

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